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About Jamie | Kairos Billing

Jamie Rowley started her career as an office manager for a local Utah Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy. For over a decade, Jamie organized, worked with insurances, and went about her day completing general office work and credentials for her boss.


Looking to make a new start after a tough season of life, Jamie decided she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Having an understanding of mental health billing, she decided to create a company specializing in working with mental health providers in Utah to take the tedious and often unloved job of billing insurance for her new clients. Her previous employer believed in her and her business so much so, that he offered to help fund her in her new endeavor, and hence, Kairos Billing Solutions was born!


With a bit of research, trial, and error, along with referrals from therapists around the state, Jamie has grown her business to over one hundred clients nationwide with a team of nine employees in just over two years!


What sets Jamie aside from other mental health billing companies? Jamie knows her niche, services a specific set of clientele, and understands her client's pain points. She also operates under a robust set of core values, including ethics & integrity, excellent communication, and a professional customer service experience.


Her team is responsive to your questions and needs, as Jamie understands the importance of building relationships with each client. In line with her values and practices, she assigns an account manager to her clients. Jamie wants every account owner to have the time they need with their manager to check in with clients to learn how to deliver personalized service.


She loves the challenges of the constantly changing insurance world, most of the time, and enjoys taking the challenges of mental health billing off clients' hands.


Growing up in Utah, Jamie understands the culture and nuances which accompany Utah life. As a mother of three children and wife to an amazing husband and his three children, she knows that family time is essential. When she isn't in the middle of the insurance paperwork, Jamie can be found camping, dirt biking, vintage and consignment shopping, and traveling the world.


About Kairos Billing Solutions


Kairos (καιρός) is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment and we at Kairos Billing Solution know that finding the right billing solution can be a vital component to a well-run mental health business, which is why we chose Kairos for our company name!


Kairos Billing Solutions humbly began at Jamie's kitchen table in 2014 while working as an office manager for a mental health therapist in Utah. Realizing the underserved need for ethical billing services includes excellent communication and a willingness to work as a team with therapists and other providers in the mental health world.


Did you know that providers are not taught in school how to bill and work with insurance? No wonder this is such a stressful task for medical professionals! Let Kairos Billing Solutions take the headaches, endless amounts of talking on the phone, researching claims, wondering why you haven't received payment, denied claims, and patient session co-pays off YOUR 'to-do list' and onto ours! We want our providers to spend their time building their business and building relationships with patients, not spending countless hours with billing challenges.


We handle every account with the utmost integrity and detail and genuinely love what we do. Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation to find out why now is the 'right, critical, and opportune time' for us to serve you and your patients.

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