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Call in the experts! To enable you to stop doing the tasks that detract from your being able to provide the care your clients need! We can help!

  • Expert Mental Health Billing Solutions

  • Billing and Claims Insurance Submission

  • Verification of Benefits

  • Claims & Credentialing

Kairos Billing Soluntions

Billing for Mental Health Providers

Does the thought of billing your clients make you cringe monthly? Are you on the phone with insurance companies for hours every week trying to figure out what you can bill your patients? Confused by co-pays, billing hours, and what you can charge the myriad of medical insurance companies?


We’re here to take away your monthly mental health billing stress. Welcome to Kairos Billing Solutions!

Your Solution for Mental Health Billing

To build a successful business, you need to work ON your business, not IN your business, and we’re here to help you do just that. Let Kairos Billing’s proven system and personalized customer service make running your practice easy and affordable.


Our team will set up your provider account, review credentialing applications, and answer your pain point questions. In addition, we take care of your biggest headaches, including setting up your EDI (electronic data interchange) connections, ERA (electronic remittance advice), and EFT (electronic funds transfer) to have everything direct deposited directly into your bank account. To ensure you are getting the most benefit from your software, our team will also review your practice management software to correctly set it up.


The billing process for mental health professionals has many unique challenges and is specific to this industry. Kairos Billing has streamlined our process, ensuring your company has the most up-to-date insurance information.


Forget about the complicated billing process, the stress of filing insurance claims, and spending hours on the phone trying to appeal a denied claim. With Kairos Billing Solutions, you can focus on caring and supporting your patients - not your billing paperwork!

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Mental Health Billing for Your Small Business

Kairos Billing Solutions caters to mental health private practices, individual providers, and clinics. We serve therapists, professional counselors, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.  We provide the highest level of service for client mental health billing with your practice management software. Our team delivers cost-effective, consistent, and high-quality services with the best insurance results so you can run your practice worry-free.  


Your biggest consideration for using an outside billing service for your mental health practice is to increase practice income by making your bottom line bigger. When you spend your valuable time as a provider treating patients, you can increase your practice’s revenue. Keep in mind that if you do not have time to follow up on unpaid insurance claims or are not following up on all patient owed balances, you’re potentially losing 20-40% of your income on co-pays alone.

Your Dedicated Billing Account Manager

Our team provides the highest level of support to our clients. Each account is assigned a dedicated account manager who will provide you with detailed monthly reports to financially track your practice and patient accounts, allowing you to view each patient’s account details and billing.


Have a question about insurance, filing, or a patient’s account? You can pick up the phone and talk with your account manager at any time to have your questions answered!

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What makes us so different than other billing companies.



Contact us and we will create a package that works for your unique practice.

Lorey D, LCSW - Louisiana

"When I was trying to find someone/a company to take care of my billing, I researched, I emailed, I placed calls. You were one of the few companies that called me back. You immediately put me at ease and gave me the sense that you were confident, competent, and had the experience, knowledge, and the right people in place to handle my billing and my credentialing as I moved from my group practice into my own solo practice. You and your team have not let me down. You guys have worked tirelessly, well past the point that I probably would have given up! Even in the face of incredible (and justifiable) frustration, everyone at Kairos has remained kind, courteous, and professional. It’s been almost a year now -  teaming with Kairos Billing has been one of the best decisions I have made – hands down!

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