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  • I’m ready to bill! Where do I start?
    The Verification of Benefits. This is the most important step when first seeing a client. Though the responsibility of knowing their mental health insurance benefits ultimately lies on the client, we offer VOBs as a courtesy. When running VOBs we are going off what the insurance reps tell us. Sometimes the reps are wrong or looking at benefits for other services. If we think it’s incorrect we will certainly call again to verify. It is in everyone's best interest we get the correct info.
  • Why is this claim not paid or why did it get denied or rejected?
    This can be for a number or reasons. The insurance doesn’t cover the diagnosis, the client’s insurance has termed, their plan has a limit of sessions covered and they have used all of their allotted sessions, a small typo, etc.
  • Why did the Patient’s Responsibility (PR) change? Or why did the claim pay differently than the VOB?
    One of the most common reasons is that the client has reached their deductible or out-of-pocket max in the time between the initial VOB and the time the claim was submitted. And we all know the havoc COVID has caused with waived deductibles and copays. Again we do our best to keep informed of any changes with PR.
  • Can you contact my client to collect their insurance information?
    There are cases we will, but we prefer the client provide us the info. We will need their name, DOB, and the name and phone number of their insurance. Sometimes it’s best if the client texts or emails a photo of the front and back of their insurance card.
  • Why did I get paid at different rates for clients that have the same insurance?
    This could also be for a number of reasons. Most commonly is they have different benefits within their plan.
  • How do I know if my client has a credit balance?
    With COVID this year has challenged us with credit balances! Since each provider's preferences are different, this is something to work out with your Account Manager. But generally credits will be reflected in your Log, SimplePractice, etc.
  • What is the status of Telehealth in 2021?
    Most insurances have extended their Telehealth benefits until the pandemic is “officially” over. We have heard from a few insurances say the pandemic has forced them to look at Teleheath as a permanent benefit. Again, we will keep you posted as to any changes in the new year.
  • Will you send my clients statements?
    Generally no, but we do take this case by case. Please know we charge extra for this service.
  • Do you do Bishop/Clergy billing?
    Yes, we charge the same percentage rate for this service.
  • What is an EAP?
    An EAP, or employee assistance program, is a confidential, short term, counseling service for employees with personal difficulties that affect their work performance. They will also cover family members. Like insurances you will need to be in-network. What also differs is EAPs are client driven. Meaning the client will need to contact their EAP to obtain an authorization number, the number of sessions they are approved for and other important information. Due to HIPAA, we are not authorized to make the initial call for the client.
  • Can I negotiate rates with insurances?
    Yes, you as the provider will need to do this with the insurances. We can connect you with the right people.
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