FAQ’s | Kairos Billing

Learn how our services can improve your billing operations

What can an outside billing company do for my practice?

The biggest consideration for hiring an outside billing service is to increase your practice income. Working ON your business and spending your valuable time with patients increases your practice income by 20% to 40%, especially if you’re not spending hours following up on unpaid insurance claims and patient-owed balances.

Can I hire your company for billing outside of the mental health field?

Because we pride ourselves on being the best, we specialize in mental health billing for single and small mental health practices. Therefore, Kairos Billing Solutions does not provide service for physicians outside of the mental health field.

Do you provide office managers, bookkeepers, or accountants with your service?

We don’t currently provide office management with our service. However, we can recommend qualified bookkeepers and accountants that are a good fit for your business and your financial needs.

What geographic locations do you cover for my service?

We can work with any mental health provider with ten physicians or less, anywhere in the US.

Do you offer mental health billing services for large mental health medical facilities?

We specialize in practices with one to ten mental health providers and do not accept clients with more than ten providers. We have various trusted billing service partners who can provide you with mental health billing for your facility.

Are your communications at Kairos Billing Hippa compliant?

Yes! Our staff strictly follow all HIPAA guidelines regarding protected health information (PHI) and patient privacy. Our software vendor and clearinghouse for billing electronic claims are also certified HIPAA compliant. Our HIPAA policies are outlined in the Service Agreement we provide to our clients.

I already have practice management software, can your service bill through my current software?

Yes! The Kairos team is trained in several different practice management systems. Don’t worry about learning a new software management system - we will most likely be able to work with your current medical billing software system.

Will your billing service replace my need for office staff?

Maybe. Depending on the size of your practice, Kairos Billing Solutions can replace your need for billing staff; however, you will want to utilize your current administrative team for scheduling, filing, and obtaining authorizations. When your administrative staff spends less time on billing, your team will focus on your other important support tasks.

Does Kairos Billing verify benefits and handle authorizations?

Yes! We will reach out to the insurance company to determine your patient’s copay and coinsurance amounts and deductible information.

Are medical insurance payments sent to my business address?

All insurance and patient payments are mailed directly to you or deposited electronically into your business bank account.

How will I stay informed about my practice when I hire Kairos Billing Solutions?

Your dedicated account manager is your point of contact for questions and will provide your business with detailed monthly reports. In addition, you can request a meeting with your account manager each month to review any questions or concerns about insurance payments, patient balances, denied claims, and other questions you may have about your account.

Can I speak to my account manager over the phone if I have a question?

Absolutely! Kairos Billing Solutions offers the highest level of customer care with a dedicated account manager for each client. Your personal account manager will get to know and understand you and your practice, so you won’t have to explain a continuing issue to a new account manager when you call in! Simply contact your dedicated account manager via email or telephone. You can always get in touch with your account manager. Suppose your account manager has questions or needs information from a physician in your practice. In that case, he or she will contact you via phone, email, or by one of our HIPAA-compliant text messaging applications. We believe that communication with our clients is imperative to keep your business running smoothly and for you to have a seamless experience.

What is your fee for medical billing services?

Our medical billing fees are based on a percent of your monthly income from insurance claims. This fee is negotiated on an individual or practice basis, depending upon the type of practice, such as individual, group, clinic, billing volume, and scope of services.

Are there additional fees associated with some billing services?

Our monthly percentage-based fee covers all expenses for insurance and patient billing, secondary claims, AR follow-up, and a dedicated account manager for account support to answer your questions. Additional costs are added to our monthly fee for optional services we offer, such as audit prep, verification of benefits, medical billing consulting, and credentialing assistance. You can add or inquire about our additional services by calling 801-462-6162 x3 and speaking to an account manager.

I’m ready to delegate my medical billing to Kairos Billing Solutions! How do I get started?

We are excited to have you as a client at Kairos Billing Solutions! Give us a call for your complimentary Kairos consult at 801-462-6162 x3. We will ask questions about your current billing situation and customize a service plan that best meets your needs.